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      Corgi Classics Ltd


      During 2006 Corgi announced a new addition to their range under the Mettoy label. The below text is an extract from the June to December 2006 Corgi Classics Catalogue.

      "Alongside the special 50th anniversary range, CORGI are releasing this fabulous tinplate Routemaster Bus under the Mettoy label.

      Mettoy (the name derived from Metal Toys) was established in 1934 by Philipp Ullmann and Arthur Katz in Northampton. The original Mettoy models were produced in tinplate and many were fitted with a clockwork mechanism. In 1956 Mettoy launched their own range of small detailed diecast models to rival the popular Dinky Toys - and the Corgi brand was born.

      The tinplate replica Routemaster Bus is the forerunner of a new era of tinplate collecting. Look out for more exciting models from Corgi under the Mettoy label in 2007 and join us in celebrating the success of a company who gave birth to the CORGI range we know and love today".


      Company and Vehicle Scale Fleet
      Registration Number Route
      Quantity Date Released
      PHOTO 1
      Routemaster - London Transport (Red) 1:36 RM5 VLT5 8B 2006 12/06
      MT00102 Non bus model - - - - - -
      PHOTO 1
      Routemaster - London Transport (Red) 1:36 RM2071 ALM71B 15 n/k 3/07
      MT00104 Non bus model - - - - - -
      MT00105 Non bus model - - - - - -
      PHOTO 1
      PHOTO 2
      Routemaster - London Country (Green) 1:36 RM1183 183CLT 465 n/k 9/08
      MT00107 Routemaster (Open Top) - LT Sightseeing Tour (Red) - Release cancelled model not being issued 1:36 - - - - -
      Dates please note the following:
      Date in Red = the expected release date
      Date in Green = the original advertised release date when the actual release date is not known
      Date in Black = the actual confirmed release date

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