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      Many of the abbreviations/terms used in the Bus and Model world can be very confusing, what do they mean? e.g. AEC, BMMO, etc. I am frequently contacted by people asking the answers. To assist everybody I have decided to compile this "Glossary" page. Have you ever heard or seen abbreviations or terms that have confused you in the past? If they have confused you then they undoubtedly will have confused others.

      Please CLICK HERE to email and help me expand this list  with any abbreviations and terms together with their meaning, that you think would assist others. Please also email with items you would like to see the answers to. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Whilst compiling this list I have become aware that with some abbreviations particularly those relating to London vehicles there are "official" abbreviations and also "common use" abbreviations. Where I receive more than one alternative I will show both.

      Click on the links below to be taken to the appropriate section.


      Body Classifications




      Model Bus



      I am very grateful to Terry Stapley from the PSV Circle for providing me with the information for this section. 

      These lists contain the "official" PSV Circle body classification codes which have been adopted for general use in the Industry and transport press. I understand British Bus Publishing adopted their own system of codes a couple of years or so ago.

      There are two types of Body classifications i.e. Letters before seating capacity and letters after seating capacity. These are listed separately below.

      The seating capacity of a double deck vehicle is expressed as a fraction with the number of seats in the upper saloon 'over' the number of seats in the lower saloon - for example 41/32 indicates a vehicle having 41 seats on the upper deck and 32 seats on the lower deck.

      Note: The definition of 'highbridge' and 'lowbridge' refer to the body layout and not the overall height of the vehicle (that is 'lowbridge' has a sunken gangway on the upper deck or part thereof).




      AB Articulated Bus
      AC Articulated Coach
      B Single-deck bus
      C Single-deck coach
      CH Double-deck highbridge coach
      CL Double-deck lowbridge coach
      CO Convertible open top vehicle
      Ch Char-a-banc
      DP Single-deck dual-purpose vehicle
      F Full fronted vehicle (where not normally fitted)
      H Double-deck highbridge bus
      HD Half-deck coach
      L Double-deck lowbridge bus
      M Minibus
      O Permanent open top vehicle
      RC Airport/Observation coach
      T Toastrack





      C Centre entrance (if there are two or more pairs of seats in front of the entrance)
      D Dual entrance/exit (or more than two)
      F Front entrance
      L Wheelchair lift (shown after entrance)
      O Outside stairs (shown after entrance)
      R Rear entrance
      RD Rear entrance with doors fitted
      T Toilet fitted (shown after entrance)






      AEC Associated Equipment Company
      BET British Electric Traction
      BMMO Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited (Midland Red)
      BUT British United Traction
      ECW Eastern Coach Works
      ELC East Lancashire Coachbuilders
      MCW Metropolitan Cammell Weymann
      NCB Northern Coachbuilders
      NCME Northern Counties Motor Engineering Company Limited
      PRV Park Royal Vehicles
      Roe Charles H Roe
      UCC Union Construction Company




      Abbreviation/Term Meaning
      A&D Aldershot & District Traction Co. Ltd
      B&P Burnley & Pendle Travel Ltd
      BC&NJTC or BCN Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee or Burnley Colne and Nelson
      BCT Birmingham Corporation Transport
      BCT Blackpool Corporation Transport
      BCT Bradford Corporation Transport
      BH&D Brighton, Hove and District
      BOC Bristol Omnibus Company
      B&S Bullock and Sons
      Central SMT Co Central Scottish Motor Traction Company
      CCT Cardiff Corporation Transport or Coventry Corporation Transport
      CCT Chester City Transport
      CCT Cleethorpes Corporation Transport
      CJOC Calderdale Joint Omnibus Committee ( a merger in 1971 of Halifax and Todmorden)
      CMS Cumberland Motor Services
      COMS City of Oxford Motor Services
      DCT Doncaster Corporation Transport
      DDS Durham District Services
      ECOC Eastern Counties Omnibus Co
      ECT Edinburgh Corporation Transport
      EK East Kent Motor Services
      ENOC Eastern National Omnibus Co. Ltd
      EYMS East Yorkshire Motor Services
      FBT Fylde Borough Transport
      FEC First Eastern Counties
      FEN First Eastern National
      GCCT Grimsby Cleethorpes Corporation Transport
      GCT Glasgow Corporation Transport
      GCT Grimsby Corporation Transport
      GGPTE Greater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive
      GWR Great Western Railway (A major bus operator in the early years of the 20th Century)
      GYCT Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport
      H&D Hants and Dorset
      H & D Harrogate & District
      HCT Halifax Corporation Transport
      HCT Huddersfield Corporation Transport
      HJOC Halifax Joint Omnibus Committee or Huddersfield Joint Omnibus Committee
      HOL Highland Omnibus Ltd
      K&D Keighley & District
      KHCT Kingston Upon Hull Corporation Transport
      KWY Keighley West Yorkshire
      Lancashire SLT South Lancs Transport
      Ledgards Exors of Samuel Ledgard Ltd
      LBL London Buses Ltd
      LCBS London Country Bus Services
      LCPT Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport
      LCT Leeds City Transport
      LCT Leicester City Transport
      LCT Luton Corporation Transport
      LCT Lancaster City Transport
      LGOC London General Omnibus Company
      LPTB London Passenger Transport Board
      LRCC Lincolnshire Road Car Co
      LRT London Regional Transport
      LRT Lothian Region Transport
      LSCT Lytham St Annes Corporation Transport
      LT London Transport
      LTB London Transport Board
      LTE London Transport Executive
      M&D Maidstone and District
      M&HCT Morecambe and Heysham Corporation Transport
      LUT Lancashire United Transport/Lancashire United Ltd
      LUT London United Tramways
      MET Metropolitan Electric Tramways
      MPTE Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive
      NBC National Bus Company
      NGT Northern General Transport Company
      NWRCC North Western Road Car Co
      PMT Potteries Motor Traction
      PUDC Pontypridd Urban District Council Transport Department
      RCT Reading Corporation Transport
      RCT Rotherham Corporation Transport
      RMS Ribble Motor Services
      RUDC Ramsbottom Urban District Council
      SBG Scottish Bus Group
      SCT Sheffield Corporation Transport
      SDO Sunderland District Omnibus Company
      SELKENT South East London & Kent
      SELNEC South East Lancashire North East Cheshire
      SHMD Board Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Transport and Electricity Board
      SJOC Sheffield Joint Omnibus Committee
      SMS Southdown Motor Services
      SMT Scottish Motor Traction
      SOL Scottish Omnibuses Ltd
      SPTE Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive
      SUT Sheffield United Transport
      SWT South Wales Transport Ltd
      SY South Yorkshire ( the Pontefract independent not PTE)
      SYPTE South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
      Tees-side RTB Tees-side Railless Traction Board
      THC Tilling Holdings Company
      TJOC Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee
      TMT Teesside Municipal Transport
      TMT Trent Motor Traction
      TWM Travel West Midlands
      UAS United Automobile Services
      UCUC United Counties Omnibus Co
      W&D Wilts and Dorset
      WCS Standerwick
      Western SMT Co Western Scottish Motor Traction Company
      WBUDC West Bridgford Urban District Council
      WHCT West Hartlepool Corporation Transport
      WMPTE West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive
      WMT West Midlands Travel
      WR or WRAC West Riding or West Riding Automobile Co
      WSMT Western SMT
      WY or WYRCC West Yorkshire Road Car Co
      WYPTE West Yorkshire PTE
      YT or YTC Yorkshire Traction
      YWD Yorkshire Woollen District
      YWY York West Yorkshire






      BTC British Transport Commission
      NARTM National Association of Road Transport Museums
      OMO One Man Operation
      OPO One Person Operation
      PCV Passenger Carrying Vehicle (new term) - see PSV below
      PSV Public Service Vehicle (old term) - see PCV above
      PTE Passenger Transport Executive
      UDC Urban District Council






      DMS Daimler Standee
      GS Guy Special
      RCL Routemaster Coach Long
      RF Regal Four
      RFW Regal Four Wide
      RM Routemaster
      RMA Routemaster Air (Front entrance with extra luggage space for BEA services)
      RMC Routemaster Coach
      RMF Routemaster front entrance
      RML Routemaster Long
      RT Regent Type or Revised Type
      RTL Regent Type Leyland or Regent Type Long
      RTW Regent Type Wide or Revised Type Wide
      RW Reliance Wide
      ST Short Type
      STL Short Type Lengthened
      XA Experimental Atlantean
      XF Experimental Fleetline






      CVG6 (C)oventry, (V)ictory, Gardner Engine - 6 Cylinder
      CVD6 (C)oventry, (V)ictory, Daimler Engine - 6 Cylinder
      CVA6 (C)oventry, (V)ictory, AEC Engine - 6 Cylinder
      CVG6LX - 30 - (C)oventry, (V)ictory, Gardner 6LX Engine - 30 Foot Long
      FL (Bristol Lodekka) Flatfoor Long
      FLF (Bristol Lodekka) Flatfoor Long Forward Entrance
      FS (Bristol) Flat Floor Short
      FSF (Bristol Lodekka) Flatfloor Short Forward Entrance
      LS (Bristol) Light Saloon
      MW (Bristol) Medium Weight
      PD3A (Leyland Titan) Passenger Double Deck (30ft) 3, Fibreglass Front
      RELL (Bristol) Rear Engine Long Lowfloor
      RELL6G (Bristol) Rear Engined, Long, Low Floor, 6 Cylinder Gardener Engine
      RELL6L (Bristol) Rear Engined, Long, Low Floor, 6 Cylinder Leyland Engine
      RESL (Bristol) Rear Engined Short Low Floor
      RESL6G (Bristol) Rear Engined, Short, Low Floor, 6 Cylinder Gardener Engine
      RESL6L (Bristol) Rear Engined, Short, Low Floor, 6 Cylinder Leyland Engine
      PD3 (Leyland) Passenger Double-decker 3 (30 feet)
      VR(T) (Bristol) Vertical Rear (Transverse)






      CMN Creative Master Northcord Ltd
      EFE Exclusive First Editions
      OOC Original Omnibus Company

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