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      Sun Star

      Table listing releases in model number order

      2004 sees the 50th anniversary of an international design icon, the London Transport Routemaster bus, the first prototype of which was unveiled at the Commercial Motor Exhibition at Earl's Court on 24th September 1954. Sun Star Models Development Limited, renowned in the model world for its high quality die-cast road vehicles, has focused all its design expertise on producing a scale model Routemaster and in so doing, has created the best model bus ever manufactured.

      The first model stock number 2901 was "officially" announced by British Model Buses on the Internet at 9.00am on 29th January and was unveiled at the London Toy Fair later the same morning.

      On 24 January 2006 Sun Star announced a second casting in the form of a 1:24 scale Bedford OB Duple Vista coach. The text below gives a brief history of the OB:

      Introduced in August 1939, the Bedford OB chassis was designed specifically for public transport. The off-set differential on the rear axle combined with the mounting of the engine and the gearbox at a slight angle permitted a sunken, central gangway for easier passenger access. However two months later, following the outbreak of World War II, production was stopped after only 73 chassis had been manufactured. In January 1942, production of a more utilitarian version known as the OWB recommenced. In October 1945, production of the OB resumed and the Bedford OB chassis went on to play a major role in the re-equipping of many transport fleets as demand rose sharply. Over 40 different coach-builders used the chassis, but by far the biggest was the Hendon-based firm of Duple, whose Vista body was to become synonimous with the OB coach.

      However, the Vista body underwent many changes during its life. Unlike the original pre-war and the first 46 post-war Duple Vistas, which had an entrance door which slid behind the main side body panel, the door on the following models slid open into an external recess. During 1947, the destination and fleet-name boxes were modified, a rounded outer edge replacing the earlier angular one.

      In 1948, due to material shortages,  the characteristic side 揻lash?was omitted and replaced by a single aluminium bead about 3 inches below the waistline, and the operator抯 name plate box was removed from the rear. The original 4-spoked steering wheel was replaced by a 3-spoked version. In 1949, the side flash and the operator抯 plate returned. Later that year, the luggage door locks, which had been operated by a T-key, were replaced by a single locking handle and the rear direction indicator lights were changed. The large chromed bumper over-riders were removed, a deeper rear bumper/body trim was added which incorporated the wording Bedford-Duple and a Duple motif was added to both sides of the 1950. As an option for sight-seeing services, quarter-lights in the roof were offered which necessitated different, tubular luggage racks.

      A third casting featuring the AEC Regent III was announced on Monday 15 January 2007



      AEC Regent III AEC Routemaster Bedford OB    


      Model No Company Fleet No Reg No Route No Quantity Release date
      H2920 London Transport RT113 FXT288 37 2999 1/08
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport RT10 FXT185 96 2000 1/09
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport RT36 FXT211 327 2000 6/09
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport (Adverts on side of vehicle are Genasprin on one side and Gilbey's Gin not as shown on PP photograph) RT402 HLX219 10 1500 2/10
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport RT7 FXT182 28 628 n/k
      H2925 London Transport Country RT597 HLX414 347 n/k n/k
      PHOTO 1

      London Transport

      RTL501 JXC20 91 n/k n/k
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport -  1948 - Green  RT1045  JXN73 345 n/k n/k
      PHOTO 1
      London Transport - 1948 - Red RT852 JXC230 117 n/k n/k
      H2929 London Transport -  1939  - RT1 - This model was cancelled by Sunstar in July 2013 and is believed that no more 1:24th scale buses will be released by them - - - - -


      Model No Company Fleet No Reg No Route No Quantity Release date
      2901 LT - The Original Routemaster RM8 VLT8 - 4000 9/04
      2902 LT - The Standard Routemaster RM254 VLT254 272 3500 12/04
      2903 LT - The Silver Lady RM664 WLT664 285 2500 2/05
      2904 Green Line - The Original Green Line Routemaster Coach RMC1453 453CLT 715 5000 8/05
      2905 LT - Vernon抯 Pools RM686 WLT686 18 2500 10/05
      2906 LT - Queen抯 Silver Jubilee - Woolworth SRM25 850DYE 1 2000 12/05
      2907 LT - Shillibeer - Watney抯 RM2191 CUV191C 9 2250 3/06
      H2908 London Transport Red - (The first production model with a Leyland engine) RM870 WLT870 207 4500 5/06
      H2909 London Transport Red with silver roof (50th Anniversary of London Transport - The Lock Tavern) RM1933 ALD933B 24 3500 9/06
      H2910 London Transport Red (The Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour - Red) RM94 VLT94 - 4000 12/06
      H2911 London Transport Gold (50th Anniversary of London Transport - Gold) RM1983 ALD983B 190 1500 3/07
      H2912 Greenline RMC1486 486CLT 718 2750 7/07
      H2913 The GLC Years RM21 VLT21 65 1999 10/07
      H2914 The Last Routemaster RM2217 CUV217C 159 1899 7/08
      East London - ModelZone commissioned model RMC1485 464CLT X15 639 7/11
      PHOTO 1
      Gray Line - The Big Pink Sightseeing RM686 WLT686 18 539 8/11
      PHOTO 1
      South London - ModelZone commissioned model RM6 VLT6 159 600 12/12
      H2918 London Transport (Operated by Stagecoach London) - Destination: n/k RM2089 ALM89B 15 n/k 1/16
      PHOTO 1
      PHOTO 2
      PHOTO 3
      PHOTO 4
      PHOTO 5
      London Transport (Operated by Stagecoach London) - Destination: Trafalgar Square RM324 WLT324 15 n/k 9/16
      H2941 Routemaster RM - Arriva London (Red) - Destination Tottenham Garage RM2217 CUV217C 76 n/k 9/19
      H2942 Routemaster RM - Arriva (Gold) - Destination: Liverpool Street - The registration number displayed on this model appears to be incorrect and was allocated to RM1650 (SRM3). RM6 carries the registration number VLT6 RM6 650DYE 23 n/k 9/19


      Model No Company Fleet No Reg No Route No Quantity Release date
      H5001 Yelloway Motor Service - FDK571 - 3250 8/06
      PHOTO 1
      PHOTO 2
      Southern Vectis 208 EDL637 - 2500 8/06
      PHOTO 1
      PHOTO 2
      King Alfred - FOT214 - 2500 1/07
      PHOTO 1
      Hants & Sussex 88 HAA558 - 1500 6/07
      H5005 Not yet released - - - - -
      PHOTO 1
      Grey Cars TCB608 JUO608 - 1500 9/07
      PHOTO 1
      Southdown 70 JCD370 - 1750 8/08
      PHOTO 1
      Royal Blue 580 HOD120 - 2000 2/09
      PHOTO 1
      Southern National 1430 LTA906 - 1500 2/10
      PHOTO 1
      East Yorkshire n/k SS7376 - n/k n/k
      H5011 Crosville n/k KFM429 n/k n/k n/k

      Bowles Coaches

      n/k HOD75 n/k n/k n/k
      PHOTO 1
      British Railways n/k FWO615 n/k n/k n/k
      Dates please note the following:
      Date in Red = the expected release date
      Date in Green = the original advertised release date when the actual release date is not known
      Date in Black = the actual confirmed release date


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